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Klay Thompson Breakdown by EJ

Editors Note:  The following post is the work of a bonafide sports nut currently residing in DC.  This person, EJ, was a college soccer goal keeper, a lover of King Cobra and once crashed his bike badly en route to interview with Lute Olson for the role of Basketball Team Manager, but still managed to make the interview in ripped pants and a blood stained shirt.  He didn’t get the job.

Later in life he joined the Peace Corps and at one point was the head women’s basketball coach at a Russian University.  He speaks multiple languages, has worked in Afghanistan, has a pilots license, and enjoys a pint or two of Vodka with his Uzbek father in law.

He is the worlds most interesting man and somebody that I’m proud to call a new columnist for  Enjoy his first post below and be sure to check out his own category, “From The Dark Side.”


From the Dark Side


For those of you living on the east coast, you’ll understand.  It’s rare when you are rewarded by staying up well past midnight to catch a west coast game.  I usually find myself at 1 am wondering why the hell I’m not sleeping as the Gaels of Saint Mary’s are blowing out UTEP or the Dons of USF and Portland Pilots are battling at 48-48 in the 4th quarter.  It’s brutal.  And I can understand why nobody on the east coast cares about west coast hoops.  There just isn’t anybody to care about or worth staying up late for!  Even hoop junkies are just plain nuts to be watching these games.  Is a Nugget/Blazer game really that exciting?

But, the hoop Gods did reward us with a special, once in a lifetime show Friday night.  I’m not sure anybody outside of the Bay Area actually watched Klay Thompson and the Warriors game, but this was the stuff of legends.  Actually, it became an instant legend.  37 points in 12 minutes?!  Are you kidding me?  In an NBA game against actual NBA talent?  13-13 FG?!  9-9 3-point shots?!  Thompson’s career high 52 wasn’t even in the same conversation.  37 points in an NBA quarter is downright magical.  Draymon Green probably summed it up best, “You don’t get that hot in ‘(NBA) 2K”.

It was exactly like a video game, but even better.  Come on!  The previous high was set by the Iceman Gervin in 1978 and it was only 33!  This was headshaking stuff.  I tried to put this in perspective and it was difficult because this scoring outburst was so insane.   Last year, no NBA team averaged more than 28 points a quarter!  When Wilt was on his way to his century mark back in 1962, the most he scored in a quarter was 31.  Of course he averaged over 50 that season, won 33 games in a row at one stretch and secured 55 rebounds in a game.  John Stockton once had 38 assists in a single game.  These records, much like Thompson’s 37 in a quarter, will most likely never be broken.  That’s how incredible of a performance this was.

I loved what Warriors Coach Steve Kerr had to say afterwards, “I was one of the luckiest NBA players ever to play with Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, David Robinson and some of the greatest players ever.  As many spectacular things as Michael did, which he did nightly, I never saw him do that.”

MJ never came close to touching this scoring highlight.  That’s what makes this even more unreal.  And it wasn’t just a spectacular basketball record.  I’m talking any sport.  We’ve seen 5 TD’s thrown in a quarter (Tom Brady), 4 goals scored in a period during an NHL game, a couple HRs in an inning during an MLB game, and even the great Olympos striker Panagiotis Pontikos from Greece, bang in 16 goals against SEK Ayios Athanasios FC to help his side win 24-3 in a Cypriot third division game in 2007.  He scored 12 in the second half.  But are we really going to compare those feats with what we witnessed on Friday night?  Not a chance.  This was history making on a different level.  Period.

Granted, I did find some other comparable, legendary basketball feats like Lisa Leslie scoring 49 in the 1st quarter and 52 in the 2nd for her Morningside High squad on their way to a 102-24 victory.  Or, Clarence “Bevo” Francis of Rio Grande College fame, go for 55 in a quarter back on Jan. 9, 1953, on his way to scoring 116 against Ashland College.  And then there was Mats Wermelin, who back on Feb. 5, 1974, went for 272 points in a game in Stockholm.  But my point is simple…Klay Thompson’s 37 in an NBA quarter equals or betters all of these.  That’s how special of a night it was.  I’m already looking forward to that Utah at Washington State game next week with the midnight tip-off!  You just never know.